Let’s talk about the men. Part 1

Feminism is for men because “man up” is still used as an imperative to imply that a man has stepped outside the bounds of acceptable masculinity. Men are the victims of a kyriarchical system of oppression that tells them to have feelings is unmanly. That they may either have an identity as men, or have human emotions. That they must conquer a biologic function, or be considered women who are lesser.

Feminism is for men because even people who argue against casual rape jokes made by dudebros think joking about male on male rape is okay. And they deny the possibility of female on male rape. Men I know who have been assaulted have had their experiences denied, because the kyriarchy cannot allow that men could be harmed in that way. It crumples their idea of strong manhood.

Feminism is for men because the kyriarchy maintains that men are ravening beasts with no self-control who will rape a woman for wearing a short skirt or being drunk in a bar. It is the kyriarchy that appoints women the guardians of men’s self-control, instead of expecting men to behave as adults just as women do. It is the kyriarchy that says men are lesser and base.

Feminism is for men because “pussy whipped” is still an insult men fling at other men for respecting their partners and acting in partnership. It is the systemic oppression of both women and men by the kyriarchy that condemns men for valuing women, for working with women. It is a way of policing men who have not performed masculinity acceptably by refusing to care for those whom they love, respect, and value.

Feminism is for men because ultimately without the support of other men to break free from these systems of oppression, they will continue unabated, a stick to the carrot of privilege.

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