Loveletter to Mirrodin.

[So.  I have to preface this with a couple of things.  1) I was an MtG player first in the days of Revised.  Ah, how I miss those cards with the white borders and the strangely washed out art…  2) I get WAY into the story of things.  That’s why I have the sparkly flying deck.  3) I have a strange affection for weird looking creatures, little guys, and other people you’re supposed to cheer for.]

So.  Last night I was looking through the binder of Magic cards that J is currently busy sorting.  In the Artifacts section I found “Darksteel Relic” and I looked at him and said “What’s this for?”

He read for a while on the internet and said to me: “It’s a story card.  It’s the last piece of Darksteel on Mirrodin.”

And I sniffled.  See, I was already mad that the Phyrexians took over Mirrodin (they’re evil at best, except the red ones, who are letting Mirrans hide out in the core), and that they’d taken Karn (the planeswalker that created Mirrodin) prisoner.  The whole thing made me pretty sad, and let’s just admit, any of the Myr are pretty cute.  (They’re little metal guys with neat heads!)

So I was looking at the Darksteel Relic (and the little Darksteel Myr) and I got a sniffle.  Because I feel really bad that Mirrodin is all corrupted.  Poor Karn deserves a nice place to live, and friends to share it with, and they keep getting yanked away from him.  Not to have just one little shard be the only thing left.

So…here goes.  I’m pullin’ for Karn and Mirrodin.  I want to beat back the Phyrexians, and clean up the world.  Because it’s a great place full of little guys who deserve a chance.  And I’m going to campaign, and make theme decks, for a better Mirrodin.  A Mirrodin with no Phyrexians.  (Karn, Elspeth, and Koth?  You guys are my A-Team.)

…and in the mean time I’m going to revel in my dorkitude that lets me get so into the story that I cried a little, just like I do at a good book or movie.

Banner used with permission from: Go Make Me A Sandwich.

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