52 Book Challenge, Week 2

(Sorry, I didn’t post week one.  If you’re really interested, it’s on my G+ stream…)

Alright. #52bookchallenge week 2. This one is a tricky one, because the book I want to rec appears to be out of print, but the author is amazing and this book was a great example of his writing. So. What I am going to do is rec a book, but rec that if the book sounds like something you might like, you see if your library has it…and if it does and you like it, consider checking out his other stuff or encouraging his publisher to put his backlist out again!

This week’s author is Brian Hodge, and the book I’m reccing is Lies & Ugliness, a collection of short stories. This is Horror fiction, with a capital H, but unlike the crap you buy at an airport bookstore, this is Horror fiction that gets under your skin and into your brain. It’s not about chainsaws and blood and guts…it’s about recognizing the horrific that lives inside of people, and projecting it onto the page.

I remember checking this book out from the library where I first found it, and curling up with it, and not putting it down until I had to go eat dinner. I read for six hours as his words climbed into my brain, painting vivid pictures. And while I wasn’t afraid to sleep afterwards, I did have vivid dreams.

Abebooks seems to have a couple of copies of this available, if you’re interested in picking it up. http://www.abebooks.com/9781892389329/Lies-Ugliness-Hodge-Brian-1892389320/plp

Banner used with permission from: Go Make Me A Sandwich.

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